Sunday, October 2, 2011

Poop and more POOP!

It's been a second since my last post.  I've been more busy on Maternity Leave than when I was working.  No excuses.  I must do better posting because so many things happen!

The reason why I had to hop on my computer really quickly is because of a blow out.  Since AJ has been in school, my husband's parents have been keeping him on Sunday.  At first it was great because Aaron and I could do things child free.  Now with Aric, we tote him around with us while the grandparents get their dose of AJ.  Today was no different.  We ran to Whole Foods.  When we came back, I sorted through baby clothing that was in the basement while Aaron did work.  I think Daddy thought..."oh this baby thing is easy."  So Aaron was so gracious to let me pick up AJ, fix his dinner, and then...we realized that AJ had pooped!  No wonder he didn't want to sit down at the table.  It was time for him to go to bed.  Aaron was again gracious enough to let me handle the poop, bath, and bedtime stories.  As we walked away, Aaron and Aric were relaxing on the couch with no worries in sight.

I clean up the poop.  AJ now has grown up poop...EWW!  Don't inhale.  Don't look at it.  Just wipe, fold over, dump in plastic bag, wipe, hurry up seal the bag, and you're done.  We do bath time with hair washing.  No fun.  AJ has a hard time with hair washing but I think most toddlers do.  We get the pajamas on.  And then I hear crying...and more crying...and the crying is not easing. 

I call downstairs, "Aaron, is everything ok?" 

"Yeah, I am working with a massive blow out." he replies.

"You ok?"


"Would you like some pajamas?"

"That would be great."

I go downstairs with the pajamas.  There's a plastic grocery bag on the floor...FULL.  There is a storage bag with poop clothes.  Baby is naked.  Crying. 

I ask, "Would you like for me to give him a bath?"

"Yeah, go for it."

I go to pick him up and there's water (which pondering on it more..I think it was PEE) everywhere.  "I know why he's crying. It's in his HAIR. I need a towel."

Aaron grabs a wet washcloth and a dry bath towel.  I take the dry bath towel.  Take the baby upstairs.  AJ was patiently waiting.  He gets his step stool so he can have a front row seat to the bath and spots a toy we were sort of hiding from him.  I give the baby a bath with soap in the laundry room sink.  AJ initially wanted me to read to him but after finding the toy he forgot.  Aaron and AJ go read the stories and I'm left to clean the rest of the poop off the clothes.

Once the kids are put to bed, we're making sandwiches for lunch the next day.  Aaron says, "Now I know what you mean about the blow outs."

"And you thought you were going to have it made with choosing the baby."

"He showed me huh?"


On a side note, someone asked me to do a side by side picture of AJ and Aric to see if they look alike.  Judge for yourself...

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MJ said...

He chose the WRONG kid! Too funny!