Tuesday, December 27, 2011


On my ride into work today, I was thinking about how the boys react to each other. AJ was gazing into his baby brother's eyes last night.  Aric gazed into his big brother's eyes. They were locked in. I felt like I was intruding almost. I thought it was so cute. It was almost as if they were telling each other "Hey, you're ok with me." Then as fast as they locked in, AJ was off exploring another toy.

Aric finds AJ funny. He cracks up when AJ spins around or is doing something goofy. And when AJ has a breakdown and is trying to push him off my lap, Aric just looks at him. I let them share my lap or I put Aric aside on the couch. AJ doesn't demand "a moment" often. I let him have it (within reason) and the baby seems to understand.

I just hope this brotherly understanding lasts....

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