Monday, December 26, 2011

December Post

I really do not know where to begin this post.  Both of the kids are developing quickly in their own ways.

Aaron Jr. is just a comic.  He is so full of life.  He's had a couple of colds that started right before Thanksgiving and now recovering from #2 plus a slight ear infection (which is why I haven't really had time to post).  Nevertheless, he always finds a way to entertain me.  I swear I can stare at him all day.  He's talking a WHOLE LOT more.  At his Parent-Teacher conference a couple of weeks ago, one of the staff members stated that over the next 30-60 days we will see him progress even more.  Of course, it seemed like the next day he was trying to say more and more and more.  He will say, "Mommy" for practically everything.  He will try to repeat everything also.  So, please watch what you say!!!  He's very smart and knows things that the average child his age still does not know.  Number, letter, color, and shape recognition is above average.  He understands EVERYTHING.  So, when he has a meltdown or really wants something, just talk to him.  Explain how things work and tell him what to expect in advance.  

Aric is growing like a weed.  Mommy has to look for car seats.  He needs to come out of the infant carrier ASAP.  He laughs easily.  He watches AJ and is not finding his antics funny.  We will have two tall boys for sure.  Aric has not graced me with the pleasure of sleeping through the night.  He tricked me one night.  I thought I was on my way of getting 8 hours straight in.  Nope.  It was a fluke.  Aric has found his hands and he loves them.  He stares at them.  He puts his fingers in his mouth...all the time.  The drool is on overload.  The bibs are always around and get soaked quickly.  He is also trying to roll over from back to front.  He hasn't made it over yet.  He is a peaceful (until he's hungry watch out!) and happy baby.  I am thankful that both boys are easy children.  

Since Aric is the last baby for me, I am really trying to enjoy it.  Secretly deep down inside...I can't wait until he's MOBILE!!!  I love the fact AJ can put things away himself or go get me a diaper.  OK...OK...I know I'm rushing Aric.  So, I'll take it down a notch.  I can't wait until he can sit up by himself without me having to worry that he's going to smack his head on the floor.  How 'bout that?!?!

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