Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catching Up

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that my internet at home is down.  Unfortunately, my job is still using ancient Internet Explorer 7 and my blog does not like it at all.  So...I've been very delayed in my posts.

Aric is really progressing.  Although he's not sleeping through the night, he's doing really well with his first foods.  MINUS rice cereal.  He's not having it.  You have to really soup it up with applesauce, sweet potatoes, or something before he will eat it.  He'll eat peas but don't double it up with the nasty rice cereal.  I read somewhere that rice cereal has no nutritional value.  It IS a great FILLER!

He really likes his ExerSaucer®.  For those of you who do not know, it's something like this one.
The one we have can rock and he can jump in it.  There are a ton of toys on it.  This boy can maneuver all around and reach up to grab the ones that hang from the arch.  He's gone from only being able to sit in it for 5 minutes to about 30 minutes or so.  If he gets quiet (like he did today), watch out!!!  You might have a very unpleasant surprise in that diaper!

On January 15th, Aric had his baby dedication at Trinity.  It was a nice ceremony.  AJ was in full effect.  He was showing out but he did well for a 2 year old.  The service itself was long.  Did I say LONG?  We'll have the formal pictures in another week or so, but here's what he wore.  

Is it me or does he look like "Mommy, are you CRAZY for having me in this outfit?" 

He has definitely mastered flipping over from tummy to back.  He knows he entertains me.  I think he can go from back to tummy.  But, he hasn't did that one for me...maybe for Grandma.  He still likes to make his baby noises, has learned how to do that blowing bubble thing that babies do, and can grab just the finest sliver of hair and hold on for dear life! just AJ.  Here's a basic rundown of antics:
  • Eating everything.  Right when you think you have him figured out, he asks to taste your chicken sandwich. wouldn't eat it a week ago, but now you like anything that looks like a patty.
  • Prankster.  Nuff said.
  • Talkative.  We're in the McDonald's drive through discussing our order.  He's in his booster repeating everything.  No more cussin' for us!
  • Focused.  Get a new car.  Sleep with it for at least 2 days including naps.  
  • Gentle...He can have his rough moments when he's frustrated.  But, this kid gently pats his brothers hair tuft.  If Aric's sitting in his high chair, he'll get real close and let him grab his head or hold his hand.    He really loves his brother (Boo-ba).

My boys...OH MY BOYS!!!

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