Thursday, February 2, 2012


Aaron is a trip.  I've noticed that he will say things just because he likes how it sounds.  The funniest lately is "purple car".  He said it so much that Grandma had to go get him a purple car.  He has other favorite phrases.

"mommy's car" or "daddy's car" or "grandma's car"  (it really doesn't matter which one)
"mommy's house" or "daddy's house" or "grandma's house"
"school bus"
"purple car"
"more gee" (gee = juice)
"more ot" (PediaSure®)
"stinky poo-poo"

He does a ton of mimicking.  It's now sticking longer than right after you say it.  I was driving down Stony Island with him in the back seat after school.  I was kept getting stuck behind slow pokes.  I would miss the green light and they would make it.  I said, "Come on peoples!"  AJ repeated, "Come on peoples" and laughed.  I laughed.  We had a traffic detour and had to go a different route.  Occasionally, I would here him say, "Come on peoples."

I guess he liked how that sounded.

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