Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun Times

Life with children is never dull.  Even on the most eventful days, they always say or do something.  Today, I took Aaron Jr to the eye doctor.  It was a routine check-up.  Since he's entering into a new phase of Speech Therapy, they require it to make sure everything is ok.  He did exceptionally well even when they had to dilate his eyes.  With that particular test, your eyes are sensitive to sunlight.  They gave him these cool sunglasses (or in AJ speak "eye goggles").  He was so cute and had the attention of the other parents in the office that I HAD to snap a photo.

Aric is just as comical.  He's very active, but is a good baby.  I am really trying not to rush enjoying the baby phase.  I really AM looking forward when he can stand and walk independently.  My hands can be a little bit more free.

Recently, my brother and sister-in-law came to visit while I was out of town and the kids were sick.  They left a very cute and fun present for the boys to share.  When I saw it, I instantly knew why my sister-in-law had to purchase the item.  The kids love it.  They are at the perfect ages to enjoy their Duck!

Thanks Rob and Marla!!!

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