Tuesday, April 10, 2012

High Roller

We're looking forward to an early Spring and a fun Summer with two very busy boys.

Let's start with AJ:

He is the official home "regulator".  I should have known this from the very beginning.  He would make sure everyone was in their "place" during the day.  Now, he makes sure the baby is not chewing or touching anything that is off limits.  Some of the time, it's very helpful.  Other times, it is extreme.  He freaks out if Aric chews on his shoes.  I guess in a 3 year old's mind it's not a healthy option.

AJ's speech and memory are unstoppable.  He's trying to sing his favorite songs and nursery rhymes.  His requests are clear.  The books we read repeatedly when he wasn't talking, he can now finish off sentences and tell the stories.

We even caught some pee-pee in the potty.  One time was enough for AJ.  I guess it's still a work in progress.

High Roller Aric:

At 7 months of age, everything is his to explore.  He will try to put anything in his mouth.  He is fast.  If you don't want him to touch it, keep it FAR away.  Just ask AJ.  When this baby knows what he wants, he gets it.  His favorite activity is ROLLING.  It's unbelievable that just 30 days ago he did not want to be on his stomach for long.  Now, he realizes that it's ok because rolling is so much FUN!!!  

The other news about Aric is that he has his first TOOTH!!!  We are so relieved.  This kid has been drooling so much that his cheeks and hands were hit hard with eczema.  In the last week or two, he has been on a serious chewing mission.  Teething toys were always on hand.  This past week he has been hit with a temperature, a rough cough, sporadic runny nose, and irritability.  Crazy thing is that he slept pretty well.  We get home Friday night and he snatches my finger to put in his mouth.  I think, "What's that sharp thing?  Is it a tooth?"  Every time I moved his lip, Aric would tick out his tongue.  Saturday morning, I caught a glimpse of it.  Thank Goodness!!!  Teething can be a rough time.  The first tooth and first molars are torturous.  But, we've survived AJ.  We can survive Aric.  First tooth down....many more to go!

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