Saturday, April 28, 2012

Letter to Aaron

Dear Aaron (better known as AJ),

I want you to know that you'll always be my special chocolate chunk.  It's interesting to think back on how you came into this world and how you are now.  You like to know what to expect in advance and schedules.  Your birth was pretty textbook...water breaks, gradual yet progressing, and sometimes difficult but overall an easy experience.  I knew what to expect and had few surprises.

You have an amazing memory.  Just recently, I had to rent a car while my car was being repaired.  Without thoroughly inspecting the entire body of the car, the next day you identified the same car riding next to us.  When you were two, you would freak out if we accidentally drove the wrong direction.  It could be going to the speech therapist, doctor's office, or home.  You always have your bearings.

You love to spin, watch Baby TV (and now WordWorld), laugh, and scream.  You have made grown women trip and fall on cement over your beautiful skin and long eyelashes.  You light up when I come to your school to pick you up or Daddy comes home.

When your little brother was born, you were protective from DAY ONE.  If someone else held Aric, you would say, "Mama's baby."  If he tries to eat anything that is not appropriate, you snatch it out of his hand.  You are adamant about him playing with his own toys.  Even though you regulate him, you do give him space to  roll.  If I ask you to make sure he doesn't roll off the couch, you actually do it.  You kiss him almost every day. You pat him on the head and say, "Bubba!"

Even though we were concerned about your speech a year ago, you have blossomed.  You are talking a lot.  

You are really becoming a big boy!  I'm in no rush to have you grow up too fast.  I do enjoy cuddling in your car bed.

Love always,


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