Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scooting and Crawling

Over the last couple of days, it's been pretty apparent that my time with having a baby is quickly coming to a close.  Aric is 8 months old and ready to become a toddler.  It's tough not to compare the two boys in their growth and development.  So, I'll try to keep this post as unbiased as possible.

Aric has just popped his first tooth.  He has been drooling and chewing on things for months.  I have invested heavily on bibs...even though they are slowly disappearing into a pit somewhere.  He grabs for my hand and I'm thinking "what is that sharp little thing I feel."  I tried to duplicate the effort...nothing.  I try to pull his lip down to see.  He sticks out his tongue at me and blocks the tooth.  The next day I catch Aric off guard.  Lo and behold, his first tooth on his bottom left side.  Since then, the drooling has subsided DRAMATICALLY.

As every parent knows, when one phase ends another one begins.  Aric is trying to eat everything.  I have quickly moved him from first foods to second foods over the last couple of months.  Now, I'm taking him to the last stage before the full gusto of regular table foods.  His favorite snack are puffs or any round O item.  He has become masterful at picking them up.  I've even seen him practice with nothing in front of him.  Or, maybe he was picking up lint?  He will even yell (or screech) at me for NOT feeding him more.

He is trying to hold his bottle.  This is pretty useful skill.  I'm picking up my favorite brand of beginning sippy cups very soon.  It'll free me up a little during feeding time.  I am encouraging any practice he initiates.

Tummy time has become very entertaining.  He was pretty adverse in the beginning.  He hated it.  But, from my previous experience, this is a good way for baby to learn how to flip over.  Aric is an expert at manipulating his body.  He reaches and grabs for everything of interest.  He doesn't hesitate to take a risk.  This makes it difficult for us to hold on tight to him.  His risk taking has made him stronger.  He pushes up as far as he can go to watch Baby TV.  He can roll across the room to play with the door or handle on a drawer.

He loves to be helped to stand and walk.  Yes, I said WALK.  He shocked me when I saw him stepping.  All those moments of kicking and rubbing his feet together are paying off.  Thankfully, he is still very wobbly and unstable.

Tonight, he scooted backwards.  I put him in one spot.  I left him with AJ for a couple of minutes.  When I came returned he was two baby body lengths further back.  He was looking so cute and innocent.  He looked surprised at the commotion.  We all celebrated in his progress.  When we went upstairs to do our evening ritual, he surprised me again.  I had him in his room on the floor.  He twists and turns.  He gets onto his belly.  I thought he was going to crawl to get his teething toothbrush that somehow got out of his reach.  The legs were moving correctly.  The arms were in position.  And then...nothing.  It was close to bedtime.  The poor thing drank the rest of his bottle and passed out.

Where is my baby going?  Soon he'll be just as big as AJ!

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