Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby is becoming a TODDLER!

Buddha is on the move.  He has mastered crawling on his hands and knees.  He can swiftly grab a hold of anything you really don't want him to touch: a power cord, a Hot Wheels car, a baby wipe, or a popcorn kernel.  The funniest thing is that he'll look at you first, smile, and once he thinks you're not looking he'll attack the object in question.  He has an obsession of trying to crawl over my leg every time I sit on the floor.  Today, he decided to go the other route and crawl UNDER my leg.  He is one adventurous baby.  We are not used to such activity at this early stage.  Over the last couple days, he's beginning to get comfortable with cruising.  He will soon become a stable stander.  Then, he'll take that first step.  He will be off running in no time.

Aric is babbling/talking.  We can't even call it babble.  It sounds like he's having a conversation with us! Ga-Ga, Da-Da, and even two syllable combos Ga-Da-Da are coming out.  He stares at AJ when he talks.  I'm sure Aric is picking up lingo that is more closely related to his own type of speech.  You can find him talking when he wakes up.  He will talk to you when you pick him up.  He talks during all sorts of odd times.  But, it's nice to hear that he's communicating.  It lets us know that he can hear, comprehend, and socialize.  Over the next couple of months, will be interesting in how everything develops for Aric.  I'm beginning to get sad that there some things from Babyland that are leaving us permantently behind:  the bibs, baby tub, the "starter" high chair, the bottles, infant seat (long outgrown), baby swing (in the basement collecting dust), and the formula (oh...wait...that will be a HAPPY DANCE!).

As Aric is moving quickly into Toddlerhood, AJ is becoming a true Preschooler.  His conversation skills are comical.  He told me today when I called him AJ "No Momma my name is Aaron." Well, OK.  He corrects us when we say "ranch dressing" instead of "ranch SAUCE"...hmmm...sounds like my girlfriend Erica who loves some sauce!  He picks up lingo and new phrases quickly. He enjoys a PBS show named "Word World".  There are some words that we no longer can spell such as STOP, CAR, and BUS.  Aaron Sr. and I have been in the car with him in the back and spelled something.  AJ will say the word.  We've begun to incorporate code, winks and nods into conversation to talk around AJ's budding understanding for words.

Sometimes his joy gets in the way of everyday activities.  Getting ready for schools is usually very difficult.  He wants to play and ignore simple requests.  We've started to incorporate timeouts, pulling away priviledges, add extra firmness in tone, or to complete ignore the behavior.  As a result, the tantrums are slowly fading away.  He's becoming more cooperative.  He even told me today, "Momma, I'll watch Bubba (Aric)."  I praise him for obeying me or being helpful.  Aaron Jr is really growing up.  

Now, if we can just get him potty trained!!!

Here are some other special moments:

My dad helped me out last week by going to a birthday party.  Every time I turned around he was giving Aric different things.  First, it was pizza.  That was ok.  Then, it turned into fruit and all kinds of it: blueberries...check, strawberries...check, whole grapes...umm can you break them into halves dad,  chucks of cantelope.  Lastly, it was birthday cake and ROOT BEER!  LOL!  They both had a food fest!

Father's Day was pretty cool.  We did a popular fast food place for a pancake breakfast.  Our regular spot had a 30-35 minute wait.  The hostess looked at my oddly when I told her that it was not going to work for a 3 year old.  Our cheap fast food breakfast was perfect for AJ and Aric.  There was no stress and everyone was happy.  Later that day after we dropped AJ off at his grandparents house, we went to a stir fry place.  Aric was in heaven trying new foods and playing with sticks!

Is it me or does Aric look HUGE in this picture?  

Random Pics....

Bath Time!

Part of AJ's car collection around our old TV that just won't die out so I can get a flat screen and upgrade the CD player

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