Saturday, August 4, 2012

Almost a Year!

Aaron and I went to dinner last night.  After we picked up the kids, a feeling that occurs often crept up.  I have KIDS in the back seat.  It feels surreal that I carried them for 40 weeks and they came out of MY body.  When did this all happen?  AJ is a true BOY.  Aric eats like a true BOY.  If everything remains as is, I will always be skinny because of all these BOYS!

It's almost Aric 1st birthday.  He is one original baby.  He shares some similarities with his big brother.  He's off the chart in height, weight, and head circumference.  He loves cheddar bunnies and milk.  He's a good baby and hardly ever cries.  Overall, they are both truly happy children.

Here's what is different...

This baby will climb over anything to get what he wants.  He has no fear.  He eats anything.  Yes, anything.  He will eat all of his food and yours too.  He's a crawler.  He loves to crawl.  He has a slow sauntering crawl.  He has a head down crawling aimlessly crawl.  This type of crawl is careless he doesn't care if he bumps his head into something.  It's like he's crawling "just because."  He has the speedy crawl that says, "Let me get over here before they notice what I'm doing."  This love of crawling has delayed his walking.  He can cruise and stand up straight as a board with great balance.  He just won't let go!!!  He has no problem dropping to all fours to get to a new location.

He's an excellent sleeper.  Even though I thought I was going to pass out when he was 6 months old due to lack of proper rest and trying to work out to lose the baby weight, he made it over the hump.  He hardly ever wakes us up in the middle of the night.

He can be dead serious.  When he's eating blueberries or tearing up a paper towel, he will not smile.  He wants to be left alone until he wants more.

He adores AJ.  He stares at him on car rides.  He harasses his cars.  He touches him when AJ does not want to be touched.  When it comes to AJ, it's all smiles, squeals, and laughter even when AJ is having a meltdown because "Bubba's touching me!"

Aric is trying to talk.  I swear he can say "Hi" in correct context.  Today, I swear he said "baby".  It could just be me.  What I do know is that he's repeating sounds.  "Da-Da" "Ga-Ga" and all kinds of combinations are coming out.  AJ keeps it simple for Aric.  So, I know that he will learn language pretty easily.

I call Aric and AJ "chocolate and vanilla".  I think they are going to be night and day.  AJ is sensitive.  Aric is tough and aloof.  One is light and the other is dark.  The hair type is the same but in reverse.  One is the jokester.  The other is the audience.  For me it doesn't matter, I love them both the same.  They will probably grow up fighting all the time, but super close.  Let the fun times continue!

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