Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Boy!

Aric had his one year check up yesterday.  I was eager to find out the Buddha's weight and height.  Of course, I can totally skip the shots, but I know he needs them.

He is 29lbs 4ozs and 33 inches long.  He is still over the 98% percentile but he's proportionately off the chart.  At home, we compare AJ and Aric's weight and height on the same timeline.  Aric is about 2 inches longer and a little over 1lb heavier.  Daddy thinks Aric is going to be overall a taller child.  We'll see.  Mommy is just glad he's happy, healthy, and took the blood test and shots like a champ.  Although he gave the technician the evil eye, he smiled joyously at her as we were checking out.

He's such a FLIRT.

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