Monday, August 20, 2012

Flying Low

If you ever want to avoid a breakdown, take this kid to the park. Today was the first day on the big swing and he was PUMPING his legs.  I couldn't believe that he followed directions so well. We've spent a couple of tries on the "baby" swing learning the concept on other days.  Since we didn't have Aric in tow, together we were on the swing side by side. He was a little afraid to sit further back. Sitting next to him, I showed him that he was safer and could still hold on just as well. He trusted me and tried it.  He was so happy that he was doing all on his own.  Swinging, telling himself "forward and back, forward and back."

I leaned all the way back for him and almost touched my head to the ground. He thought it was hilarious.  I wanted him to feel comfortable that he can lean all the way back. It was fun just hold tight and fly low. 

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