Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Aric!

It's amazing how much a baby grows in a year!  Aric is about 3 times his birth weight.  Yeah, I have solid boys.

Here's Aric's birth story. I must have been slightly delirious when I posted it and had all kinds of errors in it!  Totally missed height and weight!  He was 7lbs 13oz and this makes me really think about numbers again.  No, not lottery numbers, but I'll take the winning ones any day.

It's very obvious to me that people are inherently connected to each other.  I believe that my kids where born on significant days with meaning.  One number that continues to pop up for me is 7.  I just realized that Aric's birthday is 7 days after mine.  AJ, my dad, and my brother's birthday's are on the 7th day of their birth month.  There are so many other connections...Aric and Aaron's dad are both on the 9th of their birth month.  Big Aaron and his mom are both on the 13th of their birth month.  And, I can literally go on and on with connections of just our immediate family.  What was the point of all of that?  As Aaron would ask, "Do you ever stop thinking?"

One thing I also did not mention in the birth post is that I planned for the worst.  Since AJ had jaundice, I was expecting the same.  I also had Group B Strep.  Even though the risk was low that the baby could be infected, I knew that it was possible.  In mind, I could be in the hospital for at least 5 days with the baby.  Everything came out negative and we could have walked out the hospital the next day.  I actually CHOSE to stay another day.  By the time we got the jaundice numbers and all the release papers would be completed, it would have 10pm!  It was just not convenient having a 2 year old at home.  I wanted to come home when he was in school and not disrupt his schedule.  God knew what he was doing!

I love me some Aric.  He is one feisty baby.  He's much more active than AJ was at the same age even though he's not walking independently.  Today, he was literally pivoting on the floor in a circle.  He was obviously tired and had not taken his afternoon nap.  He can eat more than me and AJ put together.  He can look serious at first, but he LOVES to be entertained.  He has the most contagious little squeal.

Every once in a while, someone asks me if I want to have a girl.  First of all, if you ever see me pregnant again, God has performed a MIRACLE.  And secondly, my boys are perfect for me.

Happy 1st Birthday Aric!  Mommy loves you!

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