Friday, October 12, 2012

I Am My Brother's Keeper

Aric is officially a Toddler.  Typically, all the mom community boards convert you to Toddlerhood at 12 months.  I guess that’s when the baby is finally standing, cruising, toddling, eating solid foods, and drink regular milk from a sippy cup.  I was holding on the BABY as long as possible.  Babies are so cuddly and smell so good, fresh and NEW.  Nevertheless, I was wishing that the boy would PLEASE WALK.  Aric is over the 95th percentile in height and weight so my shoulders and arms feel it every day.  Yes, I’ll post later when I’m sad that he’s running away from me.  I’ll tear up when he no longer wants to be picked up.

Here’s what’s new with us:

Aaron Sr. and April - Congratulations to us on celebrating 6 years of wedded bliss!  As I think back, WOW...we've been busy.  Building a business, travelling, having kids, and living life has been amazing because God has given me everything I wanted and needed.  It was literally only a matter of TIME.  It might have been granted in the exact way I expected, but he has come through for me and for my family.

Aric - He is practicing his standing and walking every day.  This started on October 4th with 5 steps at day care.  Each day is more confident in his practicing.
Favorite book:  The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Favorite song:  If You’re Happy and You Know It (He loves to stand by himself and clap his hands.  He’s just so proud that he can do it and not fall over.) 

Favorite Activity: He loves water!!!  Pour it over his head, let him splash in it, or let it fall from the sky…it’s the most joyous activity EVER. 

Secondary Favorite Activity: Antagonizing AJ.

He is still a master eater and sleeper.  If you want him to be your friend, give him food.  At bedtime, read a story, give him his blankets, and he is good to go.  If you tick Aric off and make him mad, COVER YOUR EARS.  SERIOUSLY.  I have 2 very loud children.  I apologize in advance for both of them. 

AJ - Life is clicking in this 3 year olds brain.  “Why” has recently become his favorite question.  He understands the art of negotiation.

Me: “It’s either The Backyardians or Milk.  Which do you prefer, we don’t have time for both.”
AJ: “Backyardians and Juice.”
Me: “You’re trying to trick me.”
AJ: “No MaMa, I’m not trying to trick you. I’m being NICE.”

He strategically pauses and gives me a kiss.  It was a nice try, but he just got the milk!

AJ’s speech has come a long way.  Now, we’re trying to overcome the stutter.  He has so much to say, but can’t get it out all the time.   He’s pretty creative with his thoughts and ideas.  See conversation above.  Although he stutters, he understanding of vocabulary and concepts are impressive.  I talk to him like an adult.  He will ask “What does that mean?” if he does not comprehend the word.

AJ is becoming a full fledge little boy.  Excuse me…BIG BOY.  Trust me when you see AJ please use BIG BOY.

Life with two boys - Outside the simple fact that they both find burping and farting hilarious (yes, Aric cracks up too…it must be a boy thing), they are acting like typical brothers.  They fight over toys.  They hit each other.  They both vie for Mommy’s lap and then get mad when the other one comes over.  Typically, the fall out is worse when AJ is on my lap first and Aric comes over giggling and smiling wanting to join us.  It’s a love/hate relationship.  They play together, hug, and kiss on each other.  Or, it’s a boxing match. 

In my mind its simple:  Aaron is the first born.  He’s trying to adjust to his meddling brother.  But, sometimes it’s just plain hard and Aric is just in the way.  AJ can see the potential of having a built in playmate.  Aric is too little right now (AJ has verbalized this fact to me).  He has some growing up to do.  Aric sees AJ as a superb entertainer.  He is a comedian.  It’s all fun and games until AJ pushes him over (because he’s unstable and AJ knows it.) or snatches anything out of his hand.  

Regardless of the occasional screams and tears, I thoroughly enjoy watching them both at their different stages.  It's amazing.  It's fun.  AJ is the protector of Aric.  Aric admires his big brother.  I hope they grow up to be the best of friends! 

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