Thursday, November 8, 2012


Kids are pumping water into the air and Aric LOVES it!

I keep torturing myself by taking the boys to places with WATER, TRAINS, and CARS.  One thing I really enjoy is seeing the pure joy of discovery.  They are excited by things that adults now take for granted.  I love seeing them happy.  They are learning.  They are observant.  They are growing.

You can imagine that the Stewart household is very busy.  Aric is mostly walking and doing a lot less crawling.  He was moved into the Toddler area at school.  Which means the following: sleeping on a cot and not in a crib, sitting independently in a chair, and doing more organized activities during the day.  When I picked him up on his first day, he was sitting on the floor reading a book.  He's getting so big.

AJ, my dearest AJ.  He's just amazing.  PERIOD.  We are looking into schools for him in the Fall.  By then, he'll need more of an academic environment.

The boys are keeping me slim, trim, and on my feet...every day!

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