Sunday, December 16, 2012

Clingy Toddler

You forget after the first child.  You do forget about how traumatizing delivering a baby can be.  You forget the sleepless nights.  You forget the projectile vomit.  You forget so many things.

One thing I forgot...a CLINGY toddler!  "They" tell you not to sneak away.  "They" tell you to make announcements to your child so they know what to expect.  No matter how hard you listen to the so-called "experts", you will at one point have a clingy baby.  No announcement, reinforcement, or planned schedule will change it.

If I leave the room, Aric cries.  If I make the announcement, he cries.  If he knows the routine, he still cries.  One good thing I do know is that this is just a phase.  I just hope he gets over it before my next business trip.  This is the one thing that I dread about going out of town.  The days upon my return the clinginess is WORSE.  I have to reprogram and then guess what?  I go out of town again.  It's the price I pay to the change in society when both parents will have to work.  The prep work entailed with a business trip and the consequences upon my return can be more work than what it's worth.  Right now, there's nothing I can do about it.

There are some things that I know do help.

  • Reassure him that everything is ok.  The neighbor's dog scared us all one day.  We have a tall fence on one side and can't see her in her kennel.  Ever since, Aric clings onto me with his head buried into my coat.  I've explain to him that the dog can't get us.  He giggles but it's obvious that he's expecting the dog to bark.
  • Extra HUGS!  We rock and cuddle before naptime and bedtime.  This even helps AJ calm down and relax after a busy day.  We're all cranky when we're tired and overstimulated.  It's my chance to sneak in some kisses before they both grow up and become embarrassed.
  • A TREAT!  My kids think a treat are goldfish, a butter cookie, or even a sucker.  Every parent will use bribery at some point.  It's inevitable!
Our children will only be this age for a second.  Sometimes I sit and watch the grow that unfolds before my eyes.  I just know that all holy breakdown will start if I LEAVE without Aric.

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