Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rough Times

When you have kids, you never really know when the next "thing" is going to happen.  It's been awhile since my last post.  We've been battling colds and bugs since Thanksgiving.  We're all good now.  Hopefully, our immune systems have adapted to this season's germs.

What other things have happened?

AJ is a talking maniac.  All that time he didn't say much...well, it's all coming out now.  He's saying things that we're scratching our head on.  "Where did he get that from?" "Who taught him that?"  We must have talked AJ to death.  As a result, we're hearing it all back and then some.  He understands a lot for a 3 year old.  Not just understanding conversation, but concepts and rationale.  He surprises us every day.  He told his Grandma one day that she needed to take her car to the shop because her mirror was broken.

AJ does some really nice things.  He helps me sing to Aric when Aric is grouchy.  He tells his brother "I love you."  He's beginning to share more things with his baby brother.  He looks after Aric with a protective eye.  Overall, AJ helps me a lot.  He makes sure he holds my hand, coat, or pant leg when we're together.  He stays close and never runs off unless given permission.  He's very polite to people.  He holds the door open for the ladies.  Of course, he has his moments when he doesn't like Aric or he's just breaking down.  Those moments are gradually becoming less and less frequent.

Aric...there's so much to say about him.  He's moving and shaking.  Literally.  You can walk him to death and he'll hang tough.  I don't know what they do in day care but this kid is dancing and really trying to sing nursery rhymes.  Plus, he's into EVERYTHING...AJ's Lego's and cars, mail, food (his own and mine), a piece of string, the on/off button on the TV.  It doesn't matter.  If it catches his eye, he's on it.  

Aric loves to "talk" on the phone.  When he sees my cell phone, he wants it.  Immediately.  I do let him "talk" on it.  One day, Aric has my phone.  It cannot have a black, blank screen.  It has to be ON...lit up with phone icons on it.  He's talking.  I keep checking my phone to make sure he hasn't deleted something or called someone.  Well, I must have turned my back for 2 seconds.  I hear, "Aric does your mommy know you have her phone?"  I take the phone away.  He has prank phone called my girlfriend.  She is cracking up hysterically.  Once she can breathe and talk coherently, she said the funniest thing was once he realized he was busted, he started to "talk" faster.

I should blog more about them.  Every day is a new adventure.  These boys truly make me laugh.  I'm disappointed if I go through an evening or weekend without something monumental happening.  They just wear me out before I can log onto my computer!  Just like today.  Is it wrong to want to go to bed at 7pm?

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