Friday, January 25, 2013

Catching Up

It's shameful that I have not had a chance to post anything about our holiday.  Really...I have a good excuse. We've been hit by the flu bug.  This is Aric's first winter in day care.  He has picked up all kinds of germs.  He's had a brief stomach virus for 2 days that impacted Christmas.  Then, a couple of weeks later, he had a mid-grade fever for 3 days.  All before I had to go on a business trip.  The doctor advised us to start AJ with breathing treatments to be proactive with his reactive asthma.  Thankfully, he never got sick.

The boys are doing great.  AJ is speaking with great clarity.  He's always asking "WHY?"  Literally.  Everything has a "why" attached to it.  He has learned how to share.  Socially, he is interacting with new kids with no problem.  I look at him every day and realize that this is a little boy now.  He's completely potty trained and no longer needs "poo-poo presents" as a reward to go on the potty.

I can't believe he'll be FOUR in 6 weeks.  But, I can believe he'll be four.  A few days ago, Daddy asked him to come tell me goodnight.  He comes in and tells me, "Goodnight Mommy.  Make sure you turn off your computer and go nite-nite. OK?"  When did he get old enough to tell ME what to do?  He's a great kid.  We're looking into Elementary schools.  It's a really daunting task.  We're prayerful that he will be attending our top choice in the Fall.

Aric is developing very quickly.  He truly is at a fun age because every day is literally something new going on.  His walking is stable.  His words are flowing...hi, car, dog, cheese, eyes, nose, ears, ball, juice (milk), and pizza (his new word for the day).  He understands the concept of the potty.  He should with all of our recent efforts with AJ over the last couple of months!

He's an eater.  He will eat his food.  Then, turn around and eat yours.  His teachers love him and so does the building management.  Just yesterday we were walking past.  Aric stops by to flirt with 4 or 5 ladies who were chatting.  I see Aric BLOWING KISSES with one of them.  Oh boy!  He's starting early.  He definitely knows what he's doing, what you're talking about, and when he's done something wrong.

The boys have adjusted to being brothers.  They are now rough housing with each other.  They are running and screaming with each other around the house.  They fight over cars.  They push and shove.  AJ will say, "I don't like Aric."  Five minutes later, he can be kissing and hugging him proclaiming, "I love Aric."

Gotta love it!

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Soror S.H.E. said...

As always, thanks for sharing. Its so nice to see the friendship of these two siblings developing. "I don't like Aric. Then, I love Aric" #TooCute.

Looking forward to hearing about the plan for the 4th birthday party. Will it be a big shin-dig, or cupcakes at school with Eric's classmates?

Have a FAB week.