Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's Aric’s World

And…we’re just target practice.  Aric has always been hitting people (love tapping).  We’ve been teaching how to be gentle with his touch.  Lately, he’s been doing what I call Baby Body Slams.  He will catch you sitting on the floor or laying down trying to pull a toy car from under the couch.  He come up to you and slams into your body. “ARGH!”!!!  He laughs and giggles.  He will continue to jump on, sit on top, slam into you until you get up or walk away.  He is a little bruiser…physically aggressive.
BUT…can give you the best kiss ever.  I asked him “to give Momma a kiss”.  He leans over with his lips puckered up, makes the kiss noise, and everything.  Just like the Baby Body Slams.  He laughs and giggles.  He will continue to give you kisses until you get up or walk away.

He’s fast.  He picks up songs quickly and will repeat them.  First, it was the ABC song while washing hands.  Then, it was the typical “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, “Old Mac Donald”, and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.  Quickly, it turned into singing B-I-N-G-O and reading his favorite book Cars Galore with me.  REALLY!  We’re not used to this.  He is a very good parrot.  Please do not say anything you don’t want repeated.  Don’t get me wrong.  A lot of what he speaks; you would have to be around him enough to understand the meaning.  He’s at an age where letters drop off in speech.  Or, you can catch the tune, but he’ll insert his FAVORITE word “CAR” into a random spot either replacing a word he doesn’t know or adding it to the end.  Here’s an example “Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O-CAR”

He’s manipulative.  My dad is still laughing this one.  The weekend of AJ’s birthday we go over to my dad’s house.  He is lavished with gifts from him and his Godmother.  Apparently, there was a red car that Aric was particularly fond of.  AJ quickly realized that Aric had it.  “My car!” AJ says.  Aric looked at him and handed over a blue car instead.  He quickly ran over to me for protection.  If you read the toddler books, it always says that this is a great age to just redirect to avoid fall-outs and tantrums.  Well, apparently, Aric uses that tactic also!  Too bad he’s already figured out that trick!!! 

It’s all good.  Aric is meeting all of his developmental goals.  And…those cheeks are still so yummy!  We’ll just have to deal with Baby Body Slams for now.

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