Wednesday, May 22, 2013

See You Later Alligator

Kids say the most random things sometimes.  This week AJ has been telling me interesting things.  First, it was the vomit and how he vomited on all his friends at school and his teacher.  He vomited everywhere.  After a night of strong thunderstorms (which he slept through), he told me not to go outside because the thunder is hot and it's not safe.  Then, he tells me something I did not know.  I thought I'd have a few more years until this actually happened.  But, at the age of 4, he stumped me.  This is what he said which I had NEVER heard the second half before.

See you later alligator
After while Crocodile
Bye bye butterfly
Give a hug lady bug

Why didn't anyone teach us that in grade school?  I looked it up on line and there's even MORE.

Toodle-oo kangaroo
See you soon raccoon
So long King Kong
Be sweet parakeet
Take care polar bear

And this silly thing can go on and on.  All I have to say is when he says it, I giggle.  He sounds so cute.   

Here's one last thing for the road...

AJ looks at Aric and smiles.  He touches his face and says to him "Cutie-patootie."  I tell AJ he's a cutie-patootie.  

He tells me, "No, I'm too old."

Oh really?  But, he approved that I could still call him "Chocolate Chunk!"

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