Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whoa Baby!

Life with a toddler and a preschooler is very interesting on a DAILY basis.  The toddler could be enjoying throwing food or bathing himself in it, bothering his big brother, or mischievously trying to get into something he knows is off limits.  The preschooler could be telling an elaborate story about vomit or dinosaurs, resisting the urge to poop, or obsessed all things television or computers.

Lately the biggest challenge has been Aric.  He is a HANDFUL!  He is already talking and singing his heart out (which about 30% of it we cannot understand).  He can figure out things that I wouldn't expect a 22 month old to master.  He is my risk taker.  He is so stoic when you would expect some facial expression.

The other day at the park he was on a moving bridge that the kids love to bounce on as they run across.  Very seriously, he steps on.  Looks at it.  AJ goes across a couple of times while he's just standing there bouncing up and down.  All of a sudden, Aric breaks into a trot across the bridge turns around and runs the other way.  The more he ran the more unstable he became.  My hubby and I (thankfully!) were on different sides of this bridge.  It took both of us to make sure he didn't topple over.  His balance amazed us.  Aric stops and we thought he was all good, but we really couldn't tell if he liked it or not because he had NO FACIAL EXPRESSION.  SO...I was about to walk away to hang out with AJ.  My hubby wildly looks at me like "I know you're not going to leave me with him!"  Then, Aric breaks into a run across the bridge again!  I guess he liked it!

Over the last week or so, Aric has hit that 18 month - 2 year old separation anxiety stage.  I was hoping that he'd totally skip it.  IT'S HERE!!!!  When I leave the room, he wants to be picked up and go along.  When we go to pick up AJ, he doesn't not want to left with the 2 year olds to play.  Wait social butterfly...what happened?  When it's time to go to sleep, he freaks out when you put him into his crib.  I've even caught him with one leg over the crib screaming bloody murder.

Last night, was the icing on the cake.  We do our bedtime ritual.  It's time to lie down.  He screams bloody murder.  I tell him, "Good night Aric" and leave the room.  The screaming continues.  I walk away.  Then, I hear a THUD and silence!  What was that?  It's raining and thundering't be that.  I run downstairs to see if the hubby dropped anything.  Nope.  I wonder if it's Aric.  The hubby says "I guess you have to trust that mommy instinct."  I went upstairs, opened up the door, and guess what I saw.  Aric butt up in the air with his blanket ON THE FLOOR!  OMG!

I think Aric and I were both in shock.  I pick him up and tell the hubby what happened.  I keep him awake for a little while, but it was very apparent he was tired.  It takes a lot of energy to scream, fight, and catapult yourself over the top of a crib which is lowered as low as it can go.  I decide to ask him some questions to make sure he was fine.  I hear my hubby making a smoothie on our new Vitamix.

I say, "Who is that?"
He looks and says in a small voice..."Daddy"
"Who am I"
"Can you say car?"
"Can you say bus?"
These are a few of his favorite words right now...

Yep, he's all good.  I let him get drowsy and put him in his crib.  He rolls over but he is quiet as a mouse!  LESSON LEARNED.  BUT...I guess it's time to put the toddler bed together.

Good Night Acrobat Aric!!!!

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