Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aric’s First Day at Preschool

Aaron and I were hoping that picking up AJ from preschool would lessen the blow of a new school. I totally understand how trau
matizing it can be to face new teachers, new kids, and a new routine without the familiarity of parents with you. But, you would think by having everyone trying to befriend you for the last few months helps.
Not too sure about that…
I take Aric in at our usual time. We stop in front and immediately a conversation starts (in the wrong direction).
Aric: “Pick up A.J.”
Mommy: “No Aric. It’s morning. This is your school too now.”
Aric: “Where’s AJ”
Mommy: “He’s at home getting ready for school. He’ll be here with you all day.”
I foresee the trouble. He’s thinking we’re picking up AJ. A two year old is a creature of HABIT. This is going to backfire big time.
We practically skip from the car to inside the building. Aric proceeds to go to the door that leads upstairs to AJ’s class room.
Mommy: “We’re not going upstairs. No one is up there. We’re going to YOUR classroom."
I had over his things to his teacher. We chat about what’s in the bag and if it’s all labeled. Aric tries to bolt for the door. I catch him. He has the “ugly” face and tears are beginning to stream down his face. He has faced the fact that he’s staying there.
Aric: “I’m ready to go home.” (Yes, he can say this and he’s 2 on the 9th!)
The second teacher tells me to tell him that I’ll be back to pick him up. Now, I know that with Aric…this will NOT help. But, I do it anyway.
Mommy: “I’ll come pick you and AJ up later.”
They scoop him up and I bolt for the door upstairs. I had to drop off something for AJ. But, it also gave me a chance to see how long Aric cried. All of 10 seconds. When I come back down, a teacher is walking him around the room and he’s ok. I sneak out the front door.
When I came to pick up the boys, I got AJ first. He was so excited to have Aric at school with him. He told me he saw Aric. All the teachers agreed that for his first day. Aric did pretty well. He had his moments but this boy adjusts. He’s a social butterfly and he enjoys the playground they have for the kids.
Day two was hell…both on Mommy and on Aric. Aric had even more tears and even got angry when we did not go upstairs to AJ’s classroom. But, I talked about the Horse that is coming to school (yes, a real live horse). Hopefully, that will resonate on his brain and he’ll skip into school next week…WITHOUT the fall out at the end.
UPDATE:  Since I wrote this last week but did not post it, we've had 2 more days of going to preschool.  Today, Tuesday, August 6th, we walked in (with me carrying him).  I put him down in his classroom.  I walked into the coatroom (alone) to hang up his sweater.  I said good-bye to the staff and Aric didn't even look back!  Baby boy may have turned the corner!  (fingers crossed) 

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