Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No YOU Rock

The 2 year old cracks me up. He says the darned-est things.  He is trying to understand the concept of "you", "me", "we", and "I". 

Over the weekend, I dug through AJ's old clothing to find more warm weather options in a larger size.  Graphic tees are so cute with different sayings.  To help get Aric moving along in the morning,  I tell him what's on his shirt to get him excited about putting it on.  Today, it was this Rock Until You Drop shirt.  We have a little conversation that surprised me.

Mommy: Aric look at your shirt.  Rock Til You Drop. You rock.

Aric: I Rock!

And he pats his chest. I wasn't expecting that he understood that "I" meant himself.

At some point we make it downstairs.

Mommy: You Rock Aric!

Aric: No YOU rock!

I had to really look at him to see if he meant ME!  He did.  We repeat the exchange randomly until I dropped off for school. So cute amd smart for just turning two.

Sure...I would say that I'm his mother.

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