Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Potty Training a Tooth Fairy

As the boys get older, it seems like there's more to talk about but less on a regular basis.  Did that make any sense?  I guess the every day things seems more important to me as a mom, but somewhat trivial to an outsider.  Nevertheless, there are a few top stories over the last month.

We've decided to take the plunge and apply to CPS schools for Kindergarten.  As a dear friend reminded me, there is nothing lost if we test AJ.  The least that could happen is that he doesn't get into any of our choices and he goes to a private elementary school.  The entire process gives the average parent a big, fat headache.  The city of Chicago does not make it easy for a child to get into a good school.  An even larger problem is that the neighborhood schools stink if you don't live on the north side of the city or an elite suburb.  There is a definite racial and socioeconomic divide.  It's a sad state of affairs that I hope changes really soon.  We have a half a dozen top school choices that are in a relatively close distance to home or work.  Applications are in, open houses are scheduled, and we're waiting for our testing date.

AJ has his first 2 loose teeth.  They were discovered in a recent trip to the dentist.  The dental hygienist made a grand announcement and wiggled them for me to view.  Ever since, AJ has been telling stories of the tooth fairy.  I've been intently gazing at him like his mouth is going to explode.  Every day, I panic thinking about how in the world we're going to sneak into his bedroom with our old, creaky hardwood floors without waking him to be the Tooth Fairy for the night.

Aric is maturing every day.  He's no longer really a baby or even a toddler.  He is my child who does not want to cuddle much before bed.  He's a straight shooter (in more ways than one just keep reading)...take a bath, brush teeth, drink milk with his baby blanket, read a few stories, and go to bed.  This was the baby who would consistently push his bedtime story away when he was ready to go to sleep.  Before he could talk, he was saying "Enough already momma!"  

Potty training is also a work in progress.  Up until now, it's been easy for him to learn and understand the routine.  He particular loves flushing the toilet with or without anything actually in the toilet.  The main challenge in potty training is getting the child onto the potty.  The next challenge is getting the child to get any pee or poo into the potty.  Toilet paper...easy.  

Last week, he decided that he was going to pee on the floor with an announcement...

"Momma, I pee on the floor."

At first, you think he's just joking.  Then, seconds later, the pee is flying out!  He did this two nights in a row.  I wised up.  When we're in his room and BEFORE the Pull-up comes off, I ask him if he has to go.  Since then, the answer is usually "YES".  We go to the toilet and he goes there.  In the morning, we have been catching him also.  Amazingly, Aric is also going to the potty at preschool.  He's been pretty impressive although not 100% consistent or willing.  

AJ has been instrumental in the informal potty training.  When AJ is about to go, he calls out to his baby brother...

"Come on Aric.  Let's go pee-pee."  

They both go into the bathroom.  Aric closes the door.  You can tell something is going on in there. And then they both come flying out.  Like they did something big.  It's cute and comical even though I know Aric did absolutely NOTHING in there and only watched.

Our goal was to go cold turkey (pun intended) and go for the big boy underwear during Thanksgiving break.  But, hopefully, Aric will potty train himself before then.  I swear I feel like I'm being potty trained and not the other way around.  It will be a relief when that process is behind us.  We can focus on Tooth Fairy duties!

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