Friday, June 20, 2014

Swim 101

The boys have started swim class.  The classes are meant to be an introduction of the water and hopefully give them the comfort level to do it on their own.  With Aric being under the age of 3, he has to be in the pool with an adult.  AJ's lesson is independent with his peers and his instructor.  I'm beginning to learn some things also.

Here's A Mom's Swim 101 tips

  • Swim goggles are cool to kids.  Although it does NOT get them used to having chlorinated water in their eyes, it does give them some security.  In an unknown situation, the child feels confident about one thing: eye's that don't hurt or burn.
  • Get water shoes.  My youngest still does not understand that water is slippery.  He's already taken a spill on the floor in the changing room.  
  • No matter what the teacher tells the child to do.  Look enthusiastic and happy the entire time.  When Aric jumped into the water and came out of the water with this look on his face, I really didn't know how to respond.  The instructor said I had this expression and to erase it.  
  • It's a process.  I was older than 5 years old when I took swim class.  If I recall, it took about 2 classes to have a comfort level in the pool.  Once I overcame fear, learned how to kick, and float, I progressed easily.
I also recommend to start a child earlier versus later.  My almost 3 year old does not have as much fear yet.  He's willing to kick without holding on to your neck.  He's ok with just a noodle as a flotation device.  You tell him to jump.  He jumps.  The 5 year old on the other hand.  If the instructor tells him to lie on his back and kick with his hands on his stomach while she holds his head, he grabs onto your hands, scrunches up his body, and barely kicks. And...the reaction of the other 5 year old children are just as bad.  You can see their brains say, "Oh no...don't you let go of me!"  So, 2 years old is a great age to start a formal swim class.

Swim class number 2 is tomorrow.  I'm anxious to see if they will be more relaxed or if the fear will still be an issue.  Wait...maybe I shouldn't be anxious.  Woo-Sah.  I'm calm, cool, and collected.  The kids will not see me sweat!

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