Monday, August 25, 2014

Tooth Fairy Story

Respect the tooth fairy.  She has a difficult job to do.  The child puts his or her very TINY tooth under the pillow.  If the parent is smart, mom or dad will put it in a baggie or some other larger container so the tooth fairy can find it.  The child goes to sleep.  Maybe the child moves the baggie directly under his or her head.  Maybe you're lucky and it's placed on the edge for easy access.  Either way, there are a lot of scenarios that can change in the night or work against the tooth fairy: creaky door that makes a lot of noise, a light sleeper, or a long tiring day for the fairy.  How many tries does the tooth fairy make?

Let me tell you a story about a tooth fairy...

There once was a tooth fairy who had a job to look over the teeth of two little boys.  The older boy lost a tooth.  He was so excited.  Everything went as planned.  The tooth fairy came in the middle of the night and gave the boy a dollar.  He woke up surprised and curious.

The older boy lost a second tooth.  This time, the boy was smarter, savvier.  He wanted to challenge the tooth fairy even more.  He moved the tooth under his head.  "Ha!  She can't get it!"  It took 3 tries and she was tired, but the mission was accomplished.

The older boy lost a third tooth.  It was so small that he swallowed it.  "Whew!"

The older boy lost a fourth tooth.  Mrs. Tooth Fairy was tired so she solicited the help of Mr. Tooth Fairy.  He figured it couldn't be that difficult.  "Why not?  Sure."  After the second attempt to capture the tooth without waking up the boy, he goes to Mrs. Tooth Fairy.  

"I just can't do it.  It's too hard.  Every time I try it's a different problem."  Is Mr. Tooth Fairy having a nervous breakdown???

Mrs. Tooth Fairy replies, "Oh, now you know how hard my job is.  No, you must carry out the mission."

Unhappily, Mr. Tooth  Fairy finally finishes the mission at the 3rd or 4th try.  Time unknown.

The older boy awoke in the morning to find money under his pillow.  He was so excited.

After the drama of it all, Mrs. Tooth Fairy sends the older boy a pillow to hang outside his door.  

She only wants to ensure the older boy's happiness.  She will make sure the younger boy gets a pillow in time for his first tooth.  He deserves a peaceful rest sleep too.

The End.