Friday, September 5, 2014

New Beginnings

We officially survived the first week of Kindergarten and a new Preschool class.

My concern is always the welfare of the child.  Will he adjust to the new environment, a new teacher,  new friends?  Will he be comfortable?  Will he have an peanut reaction to something at lunch?  Will he have fun?  Ultimately, I want him to have a love for learning.


AJ was very teary and sad last Friday to leave his teacher.  It was difficult and sad.  It was like a bad break up.  You know you have to do it, but it hurts to the core.  He was heartbroken.  His teacher was heartbroken.  And, I was there caught in the middle not really knowing what to do.  Ultimately, we left with no hug goodbye but a "we'll see you soon."  It took him most of the night to rebound and I was concerned about his transition.  I reminded myself that children are resilient.  Just don't let them see you sweat.  Be strong...even when you want to break down with them.

AJ is a champ.  On the 1st day of school, he woke up ready to face a new experience.  He took pictures.
Hanging outside school

He met with old friends outside at the playground.  When his teacher asked them to "give your parents a hug and kiss goodbye", he searched for me and blew me a two finger kiss, turned and walked away with his class.  I stood there with the other parents.  We were motionless for a few seconds...maybe a few minutes.  Then, I realized that I had to go to work.
Every child received a name tag

The first day of school is full of anticipation for the parent.  You're constantly looking for the phone to ring from the school.  You want to go back and peak into the window.  You resist the urges (if you're a normal).  And, wait.  The end of the day comes and you want to rush to pick them up.  In our case, we waited.  We wanted him to go to the after school program and get used to a full day routine.

Ultimately, he made it through with no naps.  By day two, he had a sheet of writing homework.  By day three, a tooth come out.
Now I know why they wanted Hefty Zip sandwich bags!

Day four, he brought home a library book
Love, love, love Dr. Seuss

And this note...
Find the runaway Gingerbread Men - clever!
One of the goals of the classroom is to get the children adjusted to new rules, the routine, and to become familiar with the school.  From the looks of this activity, they accomplished this mission today.  They added fun to meet the principal, other staff and children.  They also incorporated learning without the kids even realizing it!  If this school year continues this way, AJ will have an awesome Kindergarten experience.


Buddha...oh Buddha!  He has moved upstairs to the third floor into AJ's old classroom.  I pushed him up there for the discipline and structure they provide.  It's a mixed class room of what appears to be 3-4 year olds.  All of the 5 year olds who met the September 1st birthday deadline have moved on to Elementary schools.

He's had 3 days of a transition between old and new.  By day 2, he was permanently up in his new classroom.  Unfortunately, drop off hasn't been easy.  But, at the end of the day, he includes his old teachers AND his new teacher as his "favorites".   He seems happy when I pick him up and he's stayed on green.  I think he was a little teary on day 2 but he's in a Christian environment.  They give the kids a lot of love and attention.  They talk to them a lot and help them cope.

Now, it's Friday night and everyone is exhausted...especially AJ (he's cranky).  He's gone through a lot this past week.  I would be cranky too from information overload and just being plain tired.  Recovery weekend for us all and back at it full force on Monday morning.

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