Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's Up, Chicken Butt!

Two months have flown by!  What has been going on with these boys over here?

School is awesome for AJ.  He LOVES it!  BUT, as a boy who loves order, the other kids are ACTIVE!  Some of them don't play by the rules.  Some of them are just plain annoying.  My little man is NOT HAVING IT AT ALL!  It's been a work in progress since he was 2.  He would line up cars and know exactly where their "place" should be.  If I rearranged them or made them go into another direction, he would immediately put them back.  He later grew out of it and is more flexible. Hopefully by the end of Kindergarten he will have mastered how to blow off the nuisances of other children his age.  We will have to continue to work on it.

He has lost his 2 front teeth and the adult teeth are trying to pop out.  I think an Orthodontist trip is in his future...unfortunately.

 For Halloween, we did a non-dress up costume for each child.  Target had really cute tee shirts and hoodies for the boys this fall.  It was easy to follow the school rules of no costumes but still be dressed for a Halloween party.  The boys loved it!

They have had an active social life with Jack and Jill.  They have been involved in school activities.  And, most of all they are learning so much every day.  AJ's Spanish lessons at school tend to be Buddha's lesson at home.  No, I'm not teaching the Spanish.  Big brother IS!  Why not take advantage of the education of the oldest to benefit the youngest? (especially when it's free!)
Speaking of Mr. Buddha.  When they say each child is different, our family fits the mold perfectly.

He is a typical Leo who really just wants to be in the limelight.  It doesn't help that he's 3.  A three year old can be very demanding.  They know that if they scream loud enough you might just cave and give in.

Although he's been in a daycare setting for 2 years, he still goes through clingy phases.  Overall, he's still a good kid.  He's lovable and funny.

There so many qualities I want to build upon each of them that matches their personality.  For AJ, he is definitely a leader.  I want to teach him how to talk to his peers to have them follow his example versus him being frustrated that they are not following the rules.  He is well liked because he ISN'T behaving like the majority.  For Buddha, he is talkative and loud.  He is no pushover but people gravitate to him nevertheless.  I can see Buddha being a manager of people.  He will be a leader in his own right...probably more VOCAL...a LOT more vocal!

How are hubby and I?  Tired...just plain tired.  We're enjoying the parenthood ride while we can!

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