Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pre-Christmas Touch Base

As we flurry through the next few weeks running around buying presents, please remember something.

Your kids need YOU! They want YOU! They want your time and energy.

Take time to sort through old toys, games, and clothing. Bundle the kids up and donate the toys to children that have very little or have nothing at all. Teach them that part of their responsibility in life is to take care of others. It does not have to be the poor. It could be a friend who is struggling with sharing. It could be an elderly woman who just needs a door to be held open. It teaches how to give of themselves to others.

New things stay shiny for only a short time. Toys get broken and discarded. Electronics short circuit. A child's mind and heart are fragile and pliable. They remember how much their parents loved them. They remember how snug they were tucked in at night. They remember bike rides and ice cream trips. They remember baking cakes and cookies.  There are very few TOYS that are remembered and treasured beyond childhood but hundreds of experiences with parents, family, and friends.

When you're out there spending hundreds of dollars on gifts. Just remember what means most to your children and to those around you...a piece of YOU!

Happy Holidays!

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