Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wintertime in the City

I think we have a little cabin fever. In the past, it was rare that the boys would opt to stay at home versus going out. But, lately, that has been the case.

The games on my laptop have been hot...well..when it operates properly and that's another story. Tablets are also popular with videos and games on it also. For the most part, everything is educational. We are having a time regulating screen time. Already. At 3 and 5, they easily get sucked in.

Nevertheless, we try our best to limit it as much as possible.

School days are good. Right now, it's coaching the boys to be responsible for their own things. Putting homework in the folder, in the book bag, and keeping track of all the winter gear. Unfortunately, we also realize that the friends at school might not be as nice or responsible. We've had a ball cap "stolen" and suddenly "found". We had to pretty much surround a little girl who took AJ's snowsuit because she lost hers and wanted to play in the snow. REALLY?

We had a busy holiday season. We all recovered from the dreaded virus running rampant across the county. We also decided not to get any more flu shots. What's the point really when it's a guess of the strain and you get sick as a dog anyway. We've learned many new natural remedies in the process. And, unfortunately, realized what we were doing wrong.

  • Trusting doctors too much and not our own instinct. We understand there's a protocol to follow as a doctor. But, we realized over medicating was causing bigger issues that prevented true healing from the inside out.
  • Underestimating the power of FOOD. The wrong foods promote sickness, allergic reactions, and depress your immune system. live and you learn. Hopefully, our changes will only help the boys make good healthy choices when they become adults.

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