Monday, February 16, 2015

Almost 6

We've been looking at the kids a lot lately wondering where time went. They are taller, faster, and stronger. We struggle picking Buddha up to put him in his car seat when he's sleepy. AJ towers over everything that he once was just looking over a couple of years ago.

Where DID the time go?

We were learning how to be parents.

Figuring out when NOT to go to the ER.

Speech therapy

Doctor's appointments

Museum trips

Going to see Thomas the Train, Monster Trucks, and dolphins

Jumping over sprinklers

Building sand castles

Sleep and Potty training woes.

In a few weeks, AJ will be 6. I feel like he's walking straight out of baby-land into big kid world. He still cries and whines. I hear that it's normal for a few more years. But, overall, he seems so mature for his age. He's not a wild child. He likes quiet play. He likes stories of ghosts, dinosaurs, and adventure. He can draw pretty darn well for his age. He is imaginative. He loves order, consistency, and structure.

He is my first calm before the chocolate chunk.

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