Saturday, April 4, 2015

Birthday Bash and Being Sick

I hate that it's been almost a month since AJ's birthday with no post. But, things happen. We were going along good. AJ had treats and goodies the day before his big day! He seemed to be doing well and enjoyed the attention from his friends.

The kids spent Saturday with the grandparents. Unfortunately, I had an all day event that kept me busy. AJ seemed not to mind having his birthday celebration delayed.

The next day, we had a few friends out to the infamous Chuck E Cheese. I have never been a fan of the fake mouse. But, for the kids, I'll spare my sanity.

Surprisingly enough, everyone enjoyed themselves. We picked an early time on a Sunday and it was perfect! EXCEPT...earlier that day, AJ wanted to take a nap. He never takes a nap since being in Kindergarten. We knew he wasn't feeling well. He was a trooper. He hung in there. 

He had to take his birthday picture with the mouse.

And, even more importantly, he wanted to get into the Ticket Blaster!!! The staff was awesome and gave him a handful of tickets to pick out a few prizes.

Then, he wanted to go home. He was DONE.

He was sick an entire week after this day. He had a fever for about 3 days that turned into a cough. During this time, we did go to the doctor and it was confirmed that he did not have the Flu. Thanks to his Paw-Paw and a good pharmacist...he was blessed with some Mucinex Cold and Cough for Children that broke him out of his coughing spell. There have been several children and adults I know who have been sick with this super bug/virus thing. I am blessed that he did not have any issues or complications. We had NO trips to the ER. He had a week vacation from school, lots of rest, and tons of fluids.

Since the Christmas virus slammed our house, we have been on a different type of mission to figure out this asthma thing with AJ. Is it even really asthma? Or acid reflux? Or allergies? Chronic cough (what is that anyway)? We have our hunches. And, we're almost finished with ruling them out one by one by one. We have one more evaluation and then circle back with his specialists.

All I know is that I have a happier kid over here. Although he's been catching the viral cooties from his classmates, he's getting stronger every day WITHOUT being medicated with something prescribed by doctors. We've used our power as parents and a lot of common sense.

Until next time!!!

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