Friday, January 1, 2016

Goodbye 2015...Hello 2016!

Monster Truck Jam 2015

Every year, I wonder how the year slip away so quickly. It's really no secret. As you get older, with more responsibilities, we chase around every day trying to get through the day. Getting kids ready for school, working for 9 or 10 hours a day, helping with homework, dinner, errands, and you get the point. We have so many distractions from TV shows to social media. We consume ourselves with so many THINGS that we forget that EXPERIENCES are more important to people especially children.

Tablet Time!

In 2015, the kids have been less sickly, happier, and more cooperative. We implemented many things that we'll continue. We have challenged doctors when they prescribe medications. Many times the side effects are not worth it and there is a more natural way of resolving the core problem. We spend more money on quality produce, dairy, and meat. AJ is taking his lunches to school so we know what type of nutrition he's getting every day. We changed after school programs. They offer a more diverse array of activities including regular outdoor play and when it's cold, gym time. For both kids, we have added no TV days which includes tablets. This forces them to have more creative play. Consequently, AJ and Buddha have learned how to play and adjust with each other. There is less fighting and frustrations. Overall, they have become more balanced children.

AJ's trip to the Field Museum

Buddha is prepping for Kindergarten. We have finished the testing and application process. Now, we wait until letters are mailed out. We tested AJ for 2nd grade. During the testing process, he told me he liked his current school and was staying. Ultimately, he's probably right. We have found the right combination for him. He's doing very well academically and adjusting socially.

AJ's First Upside Down Roller coaster

As the kids get older, there's less daily tomfoolery happening. Buddha is definitely the Leo baby. He wants attention. He calls for me every morning and wants me to put him to bed. He's comical and active. AJ is the calm, cool kid. Many kids in his classroom and after-school have told me the same thing. He has his moments of frustration. Coolness can only last for so long!!!

So Sweet!
Mr. GQ
2016 Bucket List

Monster Trucks
Car Show
First Flight - Warm Weather Location
Beach Fun
Road Trip
Bike Riding (Mastering)
Morton Aboretum
More Exploring
Hanging with Friends
Being Spontaneous


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