Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last Baby Blog Post - Not The End!

This blog was originally created to document the pregnancy of a baby boy. Big Aaron and I knew the gender but kept it a secret. I wanted gender neutral clothing and baby gear in case baby #2 was a girl. Well, baby #2 ended up being a boy anyway! HA!

For years, I have posted belly bumps and milestones of my boys. It was fun keeping everyone updated. Now, as they are getting older, the more I want to just keep certain things private. Sure, I’ll post funny things on social media. That’s FREE and simple. But to maintain a website…EH…our lives are evolving and changing. It’s just time to stop.

This month, Buddha will be leaving preschool. At the same time, the preschool will be closing permanently. The mansion down the street from President Obama’s house will be sold to someone. The play area will be taken down and no children will be outside racing or riding bikes. They are taking inventory and will sell or donate items. As that chapter closes, Buddha will be going to summer camp and starting a new chapter as a Kindergartner. Hopefully, that transition won’t break me. The baby will walk through the door never to be the same again. If he takes after big brother, he will gain knowledge, maturity, and independence. Those days of grandma daycare and preschool mansion will be far behind. He is witty and clever. He loves superheros, cars (Cars movies too), Peppa Pig, and his Momma. I’ve told him that he’ll always be "Buddha" even when he’s big and grown. The little voice will be gone. Those chubby cheeks will disappear. The calling for “MOMMA!” will never happen again in that same way. Although I’m sad, I will be happy that our jobs as parents are moving along to a path of freedom and independence for him.

AJ, my AJ. He’s grown so much this year. He’s bigger, stronger, and healthier than ever. He’s learning so much in how to take care of himself emotionally and physically. He is being a pretty important role model to his little brother by being a leader. He is bashfully modest. But...he’s learning to say “Thank You” and be humbly-proud that someone is recognizing him in a positive way. Teachers and parents say that he’s a sweet little boy. His older peers say that he is so smart. All of it is TRUE. I know...I am his mother and biased. I look into those big brown eyes and wonder when did he learn how to read or absorb so much information about animals and planets. He loves his tablet, YouTube videos, the WeatherChannel, drawing, and creating buildings with Legos or Magnatiles. He's tall, handsome with a little of the baby pudge left (not much). If I mention that he'll grow up and leave me one day, he cries. We all know that he WILL leave the house (hopefully!) and we'll both be OK with it.

It’s been a roller coaster ride with so many more future adventures. There will not be another Buddha Belly or Chocolate Chunk! I look forward to being apart of them forever.

Love and Blessings!!!

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