Thursday, March 23, 2017


We're back! Here's what had happened....

I created a baby blog book from Blog2Print. Each boy would get one as a memento. AJ got a hold of it and read it like it was a history book. Without me knowing, he took it to school and showed everyone. I walked into the after school facility only to be greeted by the teachers with a "OMG...that is so NICE!" After they explain, I see AJ. He tells me that I cannot stop the blog. I have to keep going.

So, here I am. I'm back at it. I'll continue to document their growth and development. Maybe in the process, I can help others parents by sharing experiences and ideas.

Now, I have to catch you up!!! My last post was in June. We had a couple of road trips. The first was to Michigan to visit the hubby's family. The boys had their first hotel experience together. It was a nice quick trip. I finally got to meet the cousins that my husband has fond childhood memories. And, the boys had a ball playing with little cousins who were there visiting too. AJ did fall out the bed. He is just so used to a bed with edges to keep him in. On the next road trip, he needs his own space.

The boys took a class at REI on How to Ride a Bike with No Training Wheels. AJ was already a semi-pro who needed a confidence boost. Buddha...well...he still needs help. I see a repeat class in the near future. Nevertheless, it was a fun morning. I bumped into my good sister-friend Angel at Jimmy Johns during lunch. Around the same time, we took a How to Tie Shoes class at Nordstrom. AJ is now a shoe tying master. Buddha...well...he still needs help. I see a repeat class in the near future.

August is a busy month for our family. Three out of four people in our house have birthdays. We're always celebrating. We took Buddha to Six Flags Great America for his first roller coaster ride on the Whizzer. The little boys had a fabulous time. The big boy...let's just say that I'll need to find another adult to go. He just doesn't do well with spinning or standing up for long periods of time. I think he got out of going for GOOD. He'll be the dad sitting on the side holding the stuff.

Buddha turned the big 5! He spent the summer at camp with big brother. It was the best decision to help him transition into Kindergarten. They ran him to death. They gave him no naps. He transitioned well with all new staff and all new students. Was I really worried? NO. He's not really an anxious child. Besides, he was having fun.

Road trip #2 was to Indianapolis. It will be one of the most memorable trips ever. The Indianapolis Zoo is phenomenal. It's small and mighty with lots of activities for the children and RIDES. These rides were not just your standard train and maybe a carousel. They had a roller coaster and a Skyline. This Skyline goes over the orangutan house. They climb the wires. Not everyone is lucky enough to see them while on the ride. WE WERE!!! All the animals were up close and personal. The grounds are beautiful. This zoo is a must visit. Attached to the zoo is the White River Gardens. At the time, they had a Lego exhibit of animals. The legos were amazing until we saw the crane. Buddha was walking along the edge of a small water feature filled with lily pads. I said, "Be careful, Bubba. There's water in there." I swear as soon as I finished saying that...he steps into the lily pads. With one hand, I pull him up out of the water muck. The next 30 minutes was spent buying dry clothing out of the gift shop and drying his shoes with the hand drying in the bathroom. Nevertheless, the boy still wanted to see the rest of the exhibit!!!

The next day we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. It is the largest children's museum in the world. This one location could take 2 days to completely explore all it has to offer. Young children would definitely have a ball. We did not overextend ourselves. We headed back to the hotel and took a dip in the pool. The kids had been enjoying swim class over the summer and wanted to show off their skills. We had dinner at Buca di Beppo nearby and a night cap at the Eagle's Nest. Everything was perfect...from the hotel to the attractions. AJ even had his own sleeping space!

1st Day of this is always a memory right? Certain things always stick out in your mind. My first day of Kindergarten I met my best friend Jai. Years later, we are still connected. Well, I thought Buddha would take it like a champ. Bold. Fearless. Excited. He had been there before because of big brother. He has already met his teacher because I asked for AJ's old teacher. If AJ can walk in knowing nothing and no one, Buddha will JAM! I've never seen him so worried. He entered into the school setting at the age of 1. He practically ditched me to hug up on his new teacher. Preschool...he practically skipped in. smile. No skipping. He had a look of dread. I left him with dad while I got AJ settled in class. When I returned, he was with dad. This was serious. He's crossing the threshold entering into the world of the BIG KIDS. He did as he was instructed and didn't look back. It was a scary march inside the classroom, but he made it with no tears.

Last but not least...AJ got BRACES!!! Lucky kid is in the 10% of young children who benefit from an early exposure to correct a severe under bite. Without initial correction, he'd prematurely wear out the enamel on his teeth. Who knew?!?! The first day was ok. Day 2 through day 7 was torture. We found soft foods for him to eat and kept it moving. His teeth have shifted drastically in 4 months. Hopefully, he'll have them off by the summer!

Who are these kids???

AJ is now 8. He loves history and chess. He's really worked hard to manage anger and frustration. He's a great verbal communicator and I never have to guess what has ticked him off. He's mature beyond his years. He's the perfect chocolate and handsome. A mother could not ask for anything more.

Buddha is 5. He loves video games and running around. He's worked really hard on being obedient and apologizing when he's wrong (at least to me). He's a very intuitive little dude. He has a great ear for music, tempo, and pitch. His reading and math skills have exploded. He's also mature beyond his years. He's the perfect vanilla and handsome. A mother could not ask for anything more.

They are different boys...night and day yet very much the same. Complicated to explain but very simple to understand. They have different personalities, but they are both hard and diligent students who love technology and the arts. They are both smart and handsome!!!

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